Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-03-31T08:41:37+01:00

Checkout troubleshooter2022-11-16T20:32:11+00:00

Occasionally the payment page doesn’t load properly or goes blank and the booking fails to complete. Don’t worry, no money will have been taken even though the booking system will show one place less.


Try using a different browser such as Firefox to make your booking. This usually fixes the issue.

I don’t use STRIPE so can I pay another way?2022-10-27T14:16:10+01:00
Where are you?2021-03-31T08:24:46+01:00
What level am I?2022-11-18T09:09:21+00:00
Do I get a recognised qualification?2022-11-18T09:18:18+00:00
Are there discounts available for bulk bookings?2021-03-24T08:32:31+00:00
Do you offer concessions?2021-03-24T08:34:02+00:00
Can I pay a deposit now and the balance later?2022-10-27T14:21:36+01:00
I have to change the date of my course, can I switch to a different day?2022-11-16T20:33:23+00:00
I have to cancel my class, can I get my money back?2024-02-11T13:31:04+00:00
What happens if I have to cancel my course with less than 7 days notice?2022-11-16T20:35:18+00:00
Do you offer admission to international students?2021-03-24T08:43:04+00:00
The class I want to join is full, is there a waiting list?2022-10-27T14:33:02+01:00
Are your classes suitable for children?2021-03-24T08:47:21+00:00
Do I need to bring tools and materials to the class?2021-03-24T08:48:54+00:00
Where do I start?2022-11-16T20:34:30+00:00
Should I bring my prescription glasses to the lesson?2021-03-31T08:27:06+01:00
Is there parking on site or nearby?2021-03-31T18:47:40+01:00
Are there any hotels in the area?2021-03-31T18:52:29+01:00
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