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Tailormade Woodwork Classes


Level: All

Bespoke Woodwork Classes

We offer one-to-one lessons for those who prefer to study at their own speed or feel they would benefit from extra help.

We have found the classes especially useful for students preparing to start or who are already into a project but might need instruction for particular aspects or techniques.

Both Sam and Helen are professionally trained woodworkers with a wealth of experience, and therefore we can assure expert guidance to assist you with your project.

A bespoke woodwork class makes a special present for a partner or friend who would enjoy the luxury of an exclusive lesson. We also offer gift vouchers that can be used by the lucky recipient to book a lesson at a time and date that is convenient for them.


We have had a number of requests for lessons of 60 to 90 mins which is doable in theory but in practice, you won’t cover much in that time. At best we can give a short explanation or a demonstration but that leaves no time for anything else.

We suggest a minimum booking of 2 or 3 hours.

Booking is done by appointment. Contact us to discuss what you would like to cover during the session and to check the available dates. Once we have agreed on the date we will invoice you so that you can pay by bank transfer.

Special Educational Needs

We are keen to continue our work with local authorities, hospital trusts, and education providers to deliver tailor-made instruction to their clients. We can offer a bespoke woodwork class or one of our set courses delivered on a one-to-one basis.

Team-building events

We offer company away days starting from 3hrs. Click here for further information.

LSF Classes

If a bespoke woodwork class isn’t what you are looking for be sure to check out our course timetable to see what’s coming up.

Tailormade Woodwork Classes


Level: All