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Buying Timber 2 – How Much?

In part one of this series we discussed where to buy your boards. In this next session, we'll talk about how to work out how much you need. If you go to one of the big sheds or a builders' merchant you'll be presented with a limited range of species and sizes of ready-planed boards, so you'll have to pick the closest size that will fit your project. Buying from a timber merchant will open up more choices, but you will need to take into account that they will be selling sawn boards which will need to be planed to [...]

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Buying Timber 1 – Where to Shop

Amateur makers are often confused about where and how to source the boards they need for their next project. Moreover, they aren't sure what terminology to adopt and what species are available to them. Considering the many options available not knowing where to begin is understandable. We've made this guide to help you through the maze and make better decisions about what to buy. Hardwood or Softwood? The terms hardwood and softwood are a little difficult to decode. Hardwood is a catch-all term for timber from broadleaf trees; similarly, softwood is timber from conifers. This doesn't necessarily mean that all [...]

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Getting Started in Furniture Making

How to Get Started in Furniture Making? If you are reading this, I'm guessing you are considering a career as a maker, or thinking about getting into furniture making as a hobby or side hustle. While the two pathways are interconnected, they are not identical; each requires a different approach. The Professional Maker If you plan to get paid for your efforts you need a combination of technical skill, supporting knowledge, speed and accuracy. In other words, you need to understand how furniture is made and how to be efficient in the way you go about it. Apprenticeships  The most [...]

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